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5 different use cases for custom ratchet straps

1. Special safety standards

Every sector of the industry is different, and even inside the same sector of logistics and cargo transportation there are specifications that all companies must follow in order to comply with safety regulations as well as internal protocols and safety standards for lifting devices. In other words, standard ratchet straps and other cargo restraint devices might work perfectly for the job, but they might need special features according to the specific regulations they are under.

Some companies or sectors, or even clients, specify certain features for their restraints so they work organically as part of the whole logistics involved in their activities. In example, a client might request colour coded straps because of an internal system of communication and labelling, or a certain type of ratchet or hook with which they are used to work, so straps are compatible with each other.

2. Corporate labelling

Some companies that manufacture their own ratchet straps, like GTF, offer highly customizable restraints that their customers can design or request for a number of purposes. Offering custom ratchet straps makes them more competitive in the market, but only companies that own workshops or factories where they make their products can customize their products so easily. Those who merely commercialize them either won't offer customizable products, or overcharge their clients while also make them wait for weeks or even months before delivering the product.

Logistics and cargo handling companies can request labelled straps in order to build up corporate image to their clients. It will make them look more professional and reliable, and thus it will work as an investment to further strenghten their client base and customer return. Custom straps can also be ordered in the colour of the brand, as long as it doesn't get in conflict with safety or protocol regulations involving colours.

3. Special cargo handling

There are unusual requirements cargo handlers sometimes face, which call for custom ratchet straps, hooks, nets and other sorts of restraints. Oddly shaped cargo, living cargo, especially dangerous cargo and other sorts of unusual load will often leave handlers in the need of straps and restrains with a special design. In example, they might require an unusual combination of hooks and ratchets, or perhaps different types of hooks like delta rings and clips. Particularly heavy load will require longer straps, or pieces made of stronger materials, in order to lift cargo safely.

The tariff classification of ratchet and buckle straps from China shows that there is a wide variety of sets available for retail, including combinations of hooks and ratchets, but even so cargo handlers sometimes struggle to get what they need. Finding a good manufacturing company that can provide the custom set that you want is always priceless.

4. Household items

Some furniture and other objects of everyday use at home can be improved with the use of custom ratchet straps as part of their structure. Of course, these ratchets will not be the same often used in cargo handling. Instead, they should be smaller and easier to regulate, and they don't need to be that strong since they won't be holding the massive ammounts of weight they would be subjected to in the cargo transportation industry.

In example, one of the most common daily use household items that can benefit from the use of ratchet straps in their structure are beds. Some beds use a strap web inside of a rigid wooden structure under the mattress, which can make sleeping more comfortable for the user. However, if the straps are too loose, then the mattress will comb and whoever sleeps on that bed will not benefit from the special structure. Ratchet straps are the perfect solution for this because they will allow you to adjust the tightness of the supporting surface. Since each strap has its own ratchet, you can fully customize the shape and design of the bottom of the bed for your maximum confort.

5. Orthotics

People who need orthotic implements like wheelchairs and special beds because they cannot move often face problems like ulcers because the supporting surface isn't perfect for the shape of their body. Government research into using straps for disabled people has shown how these devices can actually help people with spinal cord injury suffer less complications from sitting or lying around for hours without moving an inch.

These studies present a model of wheelchair with a web of straps and ratchets under the sitting surface. By loosening or tightening each individual strap with the ratchet, the sitting surface can be modeled to adapt to the person's body shape as best as possible. This might decrease ulcers caused by how pressure is distributed unevenly on the wheelchair.


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