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GeoMetrix is a model company entirely dedicated to the manufacturing of all supplies and pieces needed for ratchet straps, safety straps, hooks and crane parts for the industries of construction, transprtation and logistics. We supply all parts needed to companies that manufacture any or those of these items. We always work with the best quality materials and strict safety and quality protocols. For this reason, we offer the best supplies in the market. We also use very efficient methods and energy saving techniques in our factories, so we keep our prices low and our production pace high. When you use components from GeoMetrix, you get quick, tailored, cost-effective and top quality delivey of products for your own activities.


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We carefully select our providers of raw materials as well as all our machinery. We keep close track of our staff’s training and performance, and the working conditions of all of them. As a result, with the most modern methods and technologies, we can offer top quality products to all our clients. You can trust on our supplies, they will do the job, and make you look good too. We do all we can to keep our prices low, without resigning even a bit of quality. We rationalize our resources, save energy and use efficient, high techbology machinery to keep the prices of our parts accessible. With our supplies, you can offer to your own clients finished products with great quality, and a very friendly price that will make them choose you among your competitors. If we are your suppliers, you and us are in the same team. And it is indispensable for a team to have good timing. We will never leave you hanging, waiting for supplies, or with unresolved issues with us. You will never have to stop or halt your production because we haven’t delivered. We keep a large stock of supplies and work at high pace, so we can accommodate to your deadlines. Not only our productive process is highly technological, but we also have a computarized client management system that allows us to process all requests and orders quickly and efficiently. Your requests will never get lost, delayed or confused. You will always get exactly the product you want, chosen from our convenient and handy catalogue, and not a single hinge or hook will be missing from your order.


Contact us now and we will gladly send you our full catalogue of parts and supplies for your products. If you’d rather see them by yourself, then we can arrange a visit to our showroom or our factory, so you can see with your own eyes the superb products that we offer and can now be a part of your productive chain. Just call us or write us an e-mail and we will get in contact with you shortly. All visits and catalogue requests are free of compromise, so you can take a look and make your final decision.

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